Must-Know, 7 Types of Rest That Are Much Needed

Apart from hard work, other things are equally important. Especially if you don’t rest. It could be when you feel tired continuously because you haven’t maximized your rest.

Talking about rest, do you know if there are seven kinds of rest that you need in your daily life. What do you mean and which one do you need the most? Listen together, come on!

1. Social rest

Social rest you can fill with a series of activities such as hanging out with friends on weekends. Not only that but spending time alone at home is also included in the social rest section.

Last and not least is to stay away or avoid for a moment people who bring bad energy to you or those who constantly make you feel tired.

2. Sensory rest sheets

The next type of rest is sensory rest. The activity you can do is to install aromatherapy in your favorite part of your house to get a relaxing effect. Sensory rest also means that you are obliged to step away from the various devices that you have from cellphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and many more.

So that you focus on enjoying the moments of your life without having to be stuck on your device. Besides that, taking a break from social media is also part of sensory rest, you know.

3. Spiritual rest

According to the You can do spiritual rest by meditating. You can release negative energy and restore positive energy through this one activity. As religious people, praying and worshiping also enter into spiritual rest, you know.

Come on, don’t leave these two essential things completely, okay? Activities such as donating, volunteering at orphanages or social foundations are also included in this type of spiritual rest.

4. Emotional rest

Keeping the boundaries that you have made, doing therapy and even journaling are some examples of emotional rest activities. Although simple has a tremendous impact.

If you don’t believe me, just try it, I’ll do it right away. Not only that, you can try emotional rest by venting with people you trust. So that you can release various kinds of complaints in yourself that you have been hiding all this time.

5. Physical rest

If this one seems to be done often, however, you still don’t know that what you are doing is part of physical rest. For example, when you start applying the habit of getting enough sleep, doing stretching when you feel tired, or even doing reflexology when your body feels stiff and achy due to daily activities.

After all, your body needs rest, you can’t force it to be active continuously.

6. Mental rest

You can do mental rest by listening to soothing music. Because indirectly listening to soothing music not only makes your mind feel more peaceful but also the feelings you feel. In addition, you can also take advantage of a picnic in the open.

Seeing beautiful natural scenery belongs to mental rest, you know. If you don’t have time for a picnic, you can replace it by looking at the scenery around your house, looking up at the sky during the day or night.
So there will be a calm effect when you do it.

7. Creative rest

Doing nothing all day or freeing yourself from the demands of always working is one of the many examples of creative rest. After all, you can’t, can you keep demanding yourself to produce work?

You can also get creative rest from reading books. Whether it’s a fiction book or a non-fiction book, you really must include it on the list so that your creative rest is maximized. How fun is that, right?

Rest is not just sleeping, you know. You need to know the type of rest above.
Judging from the list above, which one do you need the most right now or all of them? Well, don’t forget to rest, okay!